Entrepreneurs, add value by Dr. Lydia Smith

Everyday I’m blessed to be alive, I have one mission in life; to add value to every person I meet, in person or online. To help connect all the little pieces of gold or diamonds in your life. This has been my purpose and the driving force for what I do. I look around and see many people having the passion for something, but the lack of knowing how drives the excuse they give themselves to make more excuses. They go daily being comfortable and doing the thing they hate, selling their time for money and counting the seconds until the weekend.

But, what if you can really have the life you dream of? What if you can really do the thing you love and be successful? What if your passions can pay you? Well, I believe it can. When I decided to venture out on a lonely path no one around me had traveled years ago, people thought I was crazy. I didn’t listen to them because my passion was stronger than my excuses and I was reminded “to take advice from someone I was willing to trade places with”. So I work, read, educated myself, went to school, received more education, read and worked some more.

To succeed in business and in life, one needs only to have the desire and passion, I was willing to work harder and longer hours for myself. I was willing to add value to peoples lives, as I want to add to yours. I want to help you be an entrepreneur that is successful and adds value to the people around you. I can help you mine through your life and find the treasures of what you love, then help you put an executed plan for success. Know someone who you think I can add value to? Share my blog. What passions are you holding on to? Comment below and connect with me


Big Dreamer, Be Inspired!

Dr. Lydia Smith

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